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Recipe: Homemade Muesli


Have you met muesli? It’s similar to granola but rather than mixing in oil and honey prior to baking, you toast the grains plain and add your own honey upon serving (yes, you control the sugar!).

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The Buzz: Nutritional Yeast


What’s the buzz? Nutritional yeast is a savory, high-nutrient add-in that you should be sprinkling on everything from pasta to smoothies. What does the science say?

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The Buzz: Seaweed

dreamstime_m_83854369_seaweed salad_400X400

What’s the buzz? Seaweed is being hailed as the “new kale” — a nutritional powerhouse that we should all be eating. What does the science say?

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The Buzz: Turmeric


What’s the buzz? Food as medicine could not be more true for the inflammation-busting spice turmeric. What does the science say?

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National Cancer Prevention Month


From your morning caffeine fix to your afternoon snack, what you put on your plate (or in your mug) can affect your risk for cancer. Learn more about the protective power of plant foods.

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National Hot Tea Month


Beat the cold and bust some stress with a steaming cup of tea. Learn more about the benefits of tea and celebrate national hot tea month!

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The Buzz: Spirulina


What’s the buzz? Spirulina is a health-giving superfood and powerful source of protein. But what does the science say?

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Happy New Year!


A new year and a fresh start, right? As you set your goals for 2017, make them S.M.A.R.T. and consider trying fiber-loaded recipes such as Wheat Berry and Lentil Soup

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Immune Health


Instead of reaching into your medicine cabinet, stock up on foods that will help you avoid those “achoos” this season. Read about 7 foods that help boost your immunity, and try our recipe for winter chopped salad.

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Vanilla Shortbread Cookies

sugar cookies stay fresh

This month 300 Bakery Chef Terri Wu shares her delicious and beautiful vanilla shortbread cookies for you to makes as an elegant treat or gift for the holidays!

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Healthy in Your Kitchen


Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be bland, nor does it have to be complicated. Learn techniques to boost flavor, while retaining the most nutrition in your kitchen.

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Recipe: Garbanzo Cauliflower Soup

Cheryl Rule – Garbanzo Cauliflower Soup_400x400

Cozy up in your favorite chair and enjoy this hearty nutrient-loaded soup. Before taking your first spoonful, take a mindful moment to smell the deep aromas and hint of paprika as the steam warms your face.

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Celebrate Vegan Month


Meat and dairy are two of the biggest dietary contributors to the environmental impact of an omnivore’s diet. Even small changes to your diet can make a big difference.

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Recipe: Chocolate Yogurt

Chocolate Yogurt

Better your gut with a daily dose of probiotics. This chocolate yogurt combines plain yogurt with rich cocoa powder and sprinkle of sugar for a touch of sweetness.

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Iced Apple Cider

Iced Apple Cider 4×4

Keep cool while enjoying our local Indian summer weather with this refreshing fall recipe from 300 Bakery’s Executive Pastry Chef Terri Wu.

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Bumper Crop Mix & Match


Happy Eat Local Challenge Day! As you enjoy our chefs’ 100% local meals that incorporate a regional bumper crop, check out these basic recipes that’ll teach you how to wrangle abundant produce in creative ways.

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Tomato Tart Recipe

tomato tart 4×4

In honor of this month’s tomato celebration, 300 Bakery’s Executive Pastry Chef Terri Wu, has shared this flavorful recipe.

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10 A-maizing Corn Facts

cornweek 4×4

In honor of Corn week at Oracle Redwood Shores (August 29 – September 2, 2016), we want to share some fun facts about this American staple we call corn.

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Summer Pudding Recipe

summer pudding stay fresh

300 Bakery Pastry Chef Terri Wu’s June recipe creates a gorgeous old-fashioned English dessert that showcases summer berries in the most glorious way.

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Garden to the Grill

garden to the gril

Our chefs have listed their favorites with some helpful hints so you to can enjoy the season’s bounty with freshly harvested vegetables grilled to perfection.

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Watch New Bon Appétit Video


Thanks to your support, Bon Appétit hit $1 billion in revenue last year. Our CEO and cofounder Fedele Bauccio tells how great chefs, responsibly sourced ingredients, and delicious yet nutritious menus will keep us growing.

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